The really terrific thing about social media is the ability to get things out to a lot of people in one fell swoop.  It’s kind of like publishing your own little newspaper.  The more difficult aspect of social media is trying to keep up with everything.  I wander back to this site often and still forget to update the blog with the latest information.  But here is some of it for you to consider.

I’ve been asked to speak at the National Conference on Girl Bullying and Relational Aggression this year.  I am very flattered that I am invited back but do understand that this is not a paid gig for me.  The audience is comprised of those who come for the “really big” national speakers (yes, they get paid) and then they go into break out sessions.  I am running a break out session.  Still getting the word out is important.  The word is: STRENGTH.   I read books by women CEOs  telling us as (women) we need to “lean in” and “take a seat at the table” and I ponder when do we teach our girls to do that?  Is it when we are sending them the thousands of messages on beauty during their television shows depicting drama after drama?  Every skill Girl Smarts gives the girls helps them build upon their own strengths and the lessons of strength their parents and caregivers are giving them.

Each and every time one of our girls has a success by standing tall, looking people in the eye and having a great handshake they come running back to me ecstatic that they have grown.  One young lady told me she’d used our techniques to stop someone who was showing bullying behavior toward her.

“It felt SO good”, she said, “to know what to do!”

“Do you think he’ll stop now”, I asked.

“Oh he’ll do it again,” she responded, “but now I’m ready for him!”

Girl Smarts is NOT about teaching our girls to “be happy”.  It is about teaching our girls to FLOURISH.  To meet the challenges of life head on and stand strong against the ups and downs that occur.

In our goal setting workshop, I end by giving the girls a card.  The card says “Success!”

I let them know that will be the last time success is ever just handed to them.  From that point on if they want success, they will have to earn it.  Those moments in a workshop when I reach them, when I see them nod or hear that they’ve made one little step out of the box of comfort with a sure foot; those moments are the thrill of this program.

I’m going to be on a local radio show here in the Fredericksburg area.  The Dee Sunday morning show on B101.5 showcases women issues and Dee asked me to be a guest.  I’m excited.  It is something small, but it is another way to reach out and see if there are girls I can support.

Also, there will be a Q and A article in PTO Today Magazine coming out in April. If you receive the magazine I’d love you to take a look at the article.  I’ll post the link here when I have it.

Finally-I am holding a program in Richmond this summer.  If you have girls who you know of who might benefit from some of the approaches and coaching we use, please let me know and I’ll connect them with the woman organizing things down there.

I wish you a happy February and a brilliant day!

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