I’m so happy to share with you that we are up and running nine programs now in and around the Stafford area.  I’ve got two more tentatively scheduled for Triangle Elementary School in Prince William County and River’s Edge Elementary School in Richmond (Henrico County).  Where the program was intially started, Conway and MBES in Stafford, we are upwards of 100 new girls enrolled this year alone.  The program is sustainable because it is inexpensive, purposeful and fun.

I will soon be looking for facilitators to support programs first here in Stafford and soon at whatever reach this program will go.  It is SO exciting to have former GSmarts girls returning to support the programs in their alma matter elementary schools.  They are fantastic roll models.  I see a time in about three years, when I can present the first Girl Smarts scholarships to college bound girls in our area!

If you’d like to come see a workshop, please let me know.

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