All of the schools are now holding the bullying workshops that are a part of Girl Smarts.  The program approaches the whole girl, to strengthen who they are; and these two workshops focus specifically on who the bully is, their impact and how our girls can make themselves hard targets for a bully to approach.  I am always considerate of the impact these sessions have on the adults in the room.  It isn’t unusual for us to revisit our own incidents with bullies.  Sometimes those visits are emotional for everyone involved.

I absolutely relish that our young ladies are receiving these inputs at this age so they can process other’s actions, knowing the root causes of the behavior and buttons the bully is trying to push.  Knowledge is power; and especially beneficial at this age of social development for our girls.

I’m also working with Rotaries and Girls Funds to continue to bring money into the program so I can spread the workshops to those girls who need it most.  In my research, most programs focused on building our girls self esteem cost 3-6 times what this program does.  Many, many public school families cannot afford that luxury. Every donation I receive goes into giving a girl access to our program.  Yes, this is my business; but I won’t turn a girl away who needs/wants the program.

I hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving.  Remember to stand up; look people in the eye;  live out loud and be truly thankful for life!

Have a brilliant day!

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