Some great feedback coming in from the last workshop series Laura and I held for the girls as well as the National Conference reference my presentation.

   “I just want you to know Victoria thoroughly enjoyed the class.  She came home everyday and talked about things discussed during class.  This class was great for teaching values, confidence, improving self-esteem, and helped the girls become familiar with issues they will be facing in Middle School. I also, liked the fact that you included activities that tied into the classes.  This was an awesome series, which encouraged positivity in girls.  Thanks to you and Ms.Hoover, for a job well done! Please, keep our email, so that we will be on the contact list for your future Girl Smarts series, part two.  Lisa” (Victoria’s Mom)


I loved the workshops more than you know! Please, please let me know if you do the full 202 series because Samantha and I will attend and I know many of the others will as well.  (Samantha’s mom)

and from the National Convention Organizers:

Thank you for making such a valuable contribution at our 2013 National Conferences on Girl Bullying and School Discipline in Las Vegas.  We enjoyed your enthusiasm and straight forward approach to this topic.  Attendees gained an encouragement for action and an increased sense of hope for our youth and professionals who serve them.  We look forward to seeing you again the the near future.  (Conference Coordinators)

Looking forward to the August series but also enjoying the rest and time off!

Have a brilliant day!

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