I’m winding up my first EVER summer program for Girl Smarts.  Thank goodness Laura has been with me to help.  I am very happy, tired and just a touch hoarse.  I wasn’t sure how a shorter duration course would work but I’m very happy with the focus and impact so far.  This condensed version helps me get to know the girls just a bit better (as opposed to seeing them once every month), and we also get to maximize our time together since we’re not totally locked into the 1.5 hours I usually have after school!  I like it actually, and I’m only getting great feedback from the girls and their parents.  I’ll post more when I have their survey forms back.

The program in August scheduled for Fredericksburg is even more focused and it will run from 9 to 1:30 each day.  That will allow us to do more activities, more discussion and get to have more girls in the group.  I’m excited and looking forward to it.  If you haven’t seen the information available out and about about the program-explore these pages or email me at dlflett@girlsmarts.com with any questions!

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