We’re approaching the end of a very big year for Girl Smarts.  The program is growing so significantly that I have to now consider how to spread this beyond my personal ability to deliver the program at schools.  I’m excited about that prospect but of course a bit intimidated by the effort associated with creating the lesson plans, research materials and physical materials associated with exporting Girl Smarts to others.

My goal is to get the skills taught in Girl Smarts to as many girls as possible.  Presenting these workshops is a mix of teaching, acting, researching, and staying current to keep the girls interested in how the program can help them.    All of the supplies are obtainable at stores like Walmart and Michaels and all of the templates allow you to create the tags and identifiers at your location vice having to buy them through a central site.

I’m currently working with a local high school and middle school to bring a supportive chain to girls throughout the school experience; as we all understand the challenges change.  This is about sharing strength, supporting growth, and extending ourselves  to those girls who need and want the support.

If you have ideas – on how to package the program to bring to your school, I’d love to hear them.  I’ve considered franchises (but the program might become to expensive for our public school girls which is unacceptable to me).  I have also considered train the trainer at local schools who are interested in working the programs themselves.  My vision is to license the program to a school, train them and others to present the program and then have them run the program through their PTOs or PTAs to raise their own funds to support the girls and the guidance programs.  The legality of that approach is something I don’t want to underestimate as far as complexity.

Anyway-I’d love your feedback on the best approaches as I know many of you are educators.  Please feel free to email me at dianna@girlsmarts.net.  Happy New Year to all of you!  Great things are happening!

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