I had a terrific time at the 8th Annual National Conference on Girl Bullying and Relational Aggression.  Since it was my second time presenting I had a greater understanding of how to best highlight the success of a program like Girl Smarts.  That success is quickly expanding the program in a way I didn’t foresee when I first started working with the girls. In fact, I am bringing on more facilitators for Girl Smarts so I can embrace the demands for the program at more schools.

That of course, requires a lot of work on my part.  I’m writing lesson plans, screening resumes etcetera.  I am so protective of the girls that I want to make sure I only partner with those women I know have the greatest sense of the program’s intent.

I’m filling up quickly with my SY 2014-2015 program.  If you think you’d like to start Girl Smarts at your school, please let me know now so we can discuss the dates we might be able to work.  I’m excited to share the great things this program offers with your girls.  My recent program in Richmond was very well received.  I’m hoping to have a future for the program to support our girls in the south as well.

You can read the Richmond review at my “in the news” tab.  My host holds a sociology degree and seemed to really connect with the Girl Smarts messages.

Emilie wrote this as part of her review of the program:

You know when you hear of something…a book, a movie, a new restaurant and there is all this hype about it and then you experience and it is just ok. Well, I had that same hype about Girl Smarts; HOWEVER, this program not only lived up to the hype, it blew it out of the water!!!!

Also, like my Facebook page at Girl Smarts LLC as I share information on all things girls to support your school and our futures!

Have a brilliant  day!

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