"Instilling confidence in our young women is one of the most dramatic ways we can make a positive impact on the next generation."

Dianna L. Flett, Founder of Girl Smarts

I am Confident, Capable, and In Control!"

Girl Smarts is a series of workshops designed to give our young girls motivation and skills to move forward with confidence and strength in the years ahead.

The Girl Smarts approach combines straight talk and fun activities to bring home the reality of being in control and staying in control as our youth face the challenges of today's world.

Our workshops focus on the types of issues our young ladies are facing RIGHT NOW in their lives. We look at topics like body image, bullying, relationships, self image, leadership goal setting and more; our seminar leaders work with your girls to help them understand things of importance they face today and will certainly face tomorrow. Please explore our pages and learn what our program is all about!


    "I kind of didn’t like the idea of waiting until they’re 21 or 22 to lean in, you know? Let’s teach them how to lean in when they’re in fourth and fifth grade"

    Northern Virginian of the Year, Dianna Flett

    "What a pleasure to meet you and learn about your amazing work! I am very impressed by all that you do."

    Carrie Goldman, author of the book Bullied

    "Our girls loved the program! I observed our students making connections between what they are learning in their workshop sessions and in their day-to-day interactions with others."

    School Counselor, Rockhill Elementary School

    "I just want you to know Victoria thoroughly enjoyed the class. She came home everyday and talked about things discussed during class. This class was great for teaching values, confidence, improving self-esteem, and helped the girls become familiar with issues they will be facing."

    Victoria's Mom

    "I was in a classroom this morning and on three different occasions - the information and skills you taught at Girl Smarts were brought up as examples!"

    Linda Glaeser, Elementary School Counselor

    Thank you for the help. It was a kid's vision of learning. I now feel prepared and ready for the world!

    Savannah, 5th Grade

     "I'm extremely impressed. All this information is so practical and very appropriate, thank you. I sense that the quality of information is amazing as well as the way that it is being presented to the girls"

    Samantha's Mom

    "Girl Smarts isn't just a program. It is an approach, a method of helping to build young ladies up so they realize their potential and have the confidence to go after it"

    Mr. JR Raybold, Principal, Conway Elementary

Our Support Team