Girl Smarts Summer Camp

One Week Only - August 22 - 26th - Monday Through Friday from 9 am - 12 pm

Because YOU asked for it, we will run ONE summer camp in the Stafford, Spotsylvania area this summer. The camp will prepare rising 4th, 5th and 6th graders for the upcoming school year by giving them real skills and motivation to make this the best year ever!

Girl Smarts in conjunction with Parks and Rec will hold our Power Up Camp to get girls ages 7-12 ready for the best yaer ever! Real Skills taught by Real Leaders providing proven outcomes

$150 includes snacks, t-shirt and all materials (10% sibling discount)

Monday Morning : Esteem Refresh and Dream Catching

Ages 7-12

Our morning sessions gets our girls back on the team and on track for the year ahead. We'll give them tips and tricks on how to make a great first impression and get them ready to make the introductions at their school's open house so they put their best foot forward with their new class. We love our dreamers so we will focus on turning their dreams into their goals for the year ahead and the years beyond. Take away: Dream Board

Tuesday Morning : When Beauty becomes the Beast

Ages 7-12

In today's world, the pressure is on for girls to be perfect. This morning, we'll break down the myths, expose the reality of the beauty industry and using fun activities and realistic examples show the girls what happens when the pictures are taken to when the picture actually gets in front of their trusting eyes.Take away: Inspiration Stickies

Wednesday Morning: Focus on Strength

Ages 7-12

The mid-week focus is all about our control of ourselves. We'll work on understanding fitness and nutrition. Every girl deserves to know SHE can make choices to guide her future health. We'll bring in a certified yoga instructor to walk the girls through some basic yoga techniques and teach them how to de-stress so they can learn to keep their health a priority when they're moving forward in their lives. Bonus Event: Youth Yoga Class

Thursday Morning: A Girl Smarts Guide to Leadership

Ages 7-12

Today is all about the team. This morning, we'll work on kicking our leadership into gear with some tips and tricks on how to stand up with confidence. Too often, girls are labeled "bossy" when really, they are building their foundations of leadership. We'll help the girls overcome some fears they might have speaking in front of others, teach them how to break down and delegate complex tasks and show them how much fun you can have as leaders.Take Away: 15 ways to say "no" without being sorry

Friday Morning: Goal- Playing to win no matter the grade!

Ages 7-12

There is nothing better than feeling ready to take on the upcoming year. During our last day of camp, we'll work on organizing our habits, understanding what to expect and how to deal with those sticky friendship issues. We'll confront the dreaded "mean girl" and figure out who she is and why she does what she does. We'll learn to talk back to her and stand up for ourselves and how to stay safe on the internet with a deep dive into internet security and safety practices. At the end of the morning - our girls will be ready to take on the year with confidence.

To reserve your spot for the camp, email Diana at

POWER UP camp cost $150 (includes a t-shirt, snacks and all supplies). Formal registration will be through Stafford Parks and Rec however, Girl Smarts will contact you with more information. Contact us at if you have any questions. Course content will cover information from the 202 program as well as new materials only available during the camp

Co-Sponsored by Stafford Parks and Rec - 540-658-5116