Girl Smarts is a series of workshops designed to give our young girls motivation and skills to move forward with confidence and strength in the years ahead. The Girl Smarts approach combines straight talk and fun activities to bring home the reality of being in control and staying in control as our youth face the challenges of today’s world. Girl Smarts started in 2009 in Stafford, Virginia as an after school program originally designed for 4th grade girls. Expanding in 2010 to work with 4th and 5th graders, the program provides myriad skills to our students as they tackle the evolving challenges in their lives. We look at topics like body image, bullying, relationships, self-image, leadership, goal setting and more; our leaders work with the girls to help them understand things of importance they face today and will certainly face tomorrow.

By 2017, the original group of 24 girls at one public school has reached over 3000 girls in both public and private schools.  Our programs stretch from Richmond to Arlington with new programs starting every month. The strength of our program is the girls themselves.  So smart, so intuitive and so willing to listen and learn, they are a constant inspiration for the design of new workshops! Girl Smarts has since added summer camps, middle school, high school and parent involvement workshops! Our workshops help busy parents stay informed of current trends and hot topics our girls are facing. The program continues to grow beyond 4th and 5th graders giving girls of all ages the skills they need to be confident, capable and in control!

The Girl Smarts program is rooted in current and constantly updated materials and information designed to capture the interest of the audience.  Each series of workshops include dedicated communication outreach to parents, guardians and educators. This communication allows parents to continue the discussions of these important topics at home enhancing the discussion with their own philosophies. Using dynamic interactive sessions, including student role-playing exercises, all means of media and special events, Girl Smarts is designed to support the message that there is an “I” in girl!

About Our Founder

Dianna Flett, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, has served 21 years in various positions as a military intelligence officer. While in the Army, she was a leader of soldiers in the tactical and strategic arenas. Her time in the Army has allowed her to live all over the world and travel extensively in the Middle East. Dianna is a highly decorated officer and combat veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm. During her military service, she received several awards including the Bronze Star for her work with deployed units in the desert.

Her training and education includes myriad military leadership schools and the FBI’s Instructor Development Course. She has worked with the FBI as a team leader of a select group of professionals, teaching leadership and management strategies to supervisory intelligence analysts around the United States.

Following the birth of her fourth son, Dianna decided to leave active duty service to focus on her family. In 2009, after hearing from her sons about the challenges young teenage girls are facing in the middle school; Dianna started Girl Smarts. Her goal was to support, strengthen, and motivate young girls in 4th and 5th grade. Focusing on the “whole girl,” Girl Smarts is designed to elevate a girl’s sense of self before they face challenges of their early teens. Together with the teachers, administration, and parents, the Girl Smarts’ team strives to make each girl confident, capable, and in control!

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LTC (R) Dianna L. Flett

Dianna is a speaker, trainer and no nonsense leader who has 21 years of selfless service grounded in ethical decision-making in both peacetime and wartime.  After concluding her military career and taking a slight break, she capped her service teaching leadership and management strategies to supervisory intelligence analysts at the FBI.  A retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Dianna is a combat veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm receiving several awards during her service including the Legion of Merit and Bronze Star. She is a graduate of myriad military leadership programs, the FBI Instructor Academy and CEO and Founder of Girl Smarts, a company devoted to developing values based leadership in young girls



Vera Riley

Vera Riley, a former United States Marine and combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom. As a Marine, Vera was trained and operated in the nuclear, biological and chemical defense field.  As a veteran of the Corps, Vera brings her highly refined leadership skills, battle proven confidence and uniquely honed training skills to our program.

Vera is a business owner herself having started her company The Nobel Big Sister to provide confidence and growth to others as a certified yoga instructor and health and fitness enthusiast. You can visit her website at and benefit from her approach and understanding of the importance and benefit of living a fit and balanced lifestyle.

In Prince William County and North Stafford

Dr. Regina C. Groff

In addition to a background in teaching at the elementary, secondary and college levels, Regina’s experience includes youth program development, program evaluation, program management and curriculum design for churches, schools and community-based programs throughout the country.  Regina’s main purpose is to help youth develop meaning from their academic and personal experiences. She is committed to nurturing a meaningful student-centered environment that inspires the holistic growth of young people, and encourages their development as strong leaders and responsible citizens.

Regina received both her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and her Master of Divinity degrees from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and a Ph.D. in Education – Curriculum and Instruction from University of Denver

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